Simplifying Insurance Tech Talk

The insurance industry is undergoing rapid transformation driven by technology, with AI, SaaS, and cloud computing leading the charge. This change is crucial for insurance companies looking to stay competitive, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline operations.

In our recent webinar , experts from Duck Creek Technologies and Microsoft discussed the digital transformation in insurance through the lens of these innovative technologies.

This eBook contains the discussion points between our host, Chip Stubbs, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Duck Creek, Dalia Ophir, Director of Business Strategy, Worldwide Financial Services at MICROSOFT, and Nick Merino, Sr. Director of Product Management, SaaS and Cloud Strategy at Duck Creek Technologies.

By reading this eBook, you will:  

  • Understand how AI is humanizing interactions in the insurance sector. 
  • Learn about the capabilities and considerations of SaaS and cloud strategies. 
  • Discover actionable insights and strategies for digital transformation in 2024. 

If you're interested in exploring how these insurtech trends can be applied to your insurance operations, download the brief now.  

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