Simplifying Insurance Tech Talk

Discover how the convergence of AI, SaaS, and Cloud technologies is fundamentally reshaping the insurance sector.

In this illuminating webinar moderated by Chip Stubbs, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Duck Creek, and featuring insights from Dalia Ophir, Director of Business Strategy, Worldwide Financial Services at MICROSOFT, and Nick Merino, Sr. Director of Product Management, SaaS and Cloud Strategy at Duck Creek, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategic imperatives driving digital transformation in insurance.

Learn how AI is humanizing interactions and processes, what digital transformation means in today's context, and identify actionable strategies to position your insurance operations for success in 2024 and beyond.

By watching this webinar, insurers will:  

  • Understand the impact of AI, SaaS, and Cloud on the industry and how to leverage these technologies. 
  • Gain insights into preparing for market demands, competitive differentiation, and exceeding customer expectations. 
  • Identify practical steps and strategies for digital transformation and operational efficiency improvement. 

Fill in the form to access in-depth knowledge and discussions presented in the webinar. You can also visit this link to download an eBook copy of the discussion. 

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