Accelerate Speed to Market for P&C Insurance Products

As technology leaders, you must respond rapidly to changes in business strategy and the need for portfolio remediation, by delivering products at scale, across all lines of business. This guide offers guidance on establishing a new cloud-based operating model to meet this challenge.

AS2M Practical Guide

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Strategy leaders gain an understanding of how:

  • A new engagement model between business and technology leaders spurs business growth
  • New metrics associate innovation investment to business outcomes
  • To develop new product innovation strategies to meet growth targets
  • Business and IT stakeholder responsibilities are optimized to accelerate product innovation
  • Make product lifecycle costs predictable and defensible
  • To influence business strategy with product options that support growth

Product Leaders learn how to:

  • Begin the journey to cloud-centric product development
  • Identify essential attributes of a modern core system
  • Utilize ten criteria to select a modern core system vendor
  • Identify solution partners that can add value across the policy lifecycle
  • Select a system integrator best positioned to successfully bring product to market
  • Utilize modern DevOps practices and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to accelerate product delivery

The guide concludes with nine takeaways that serve as a handy reference when you need them.