Staying agile and evergreen

The advantages of a SaaS core system for P&C insurers  

NorthAm flipbook

To win in today’s increasingly competitive P&C industry, insurers need modern core systems and solutions that support their business strategies and empower them with the ability to pursue innovation. Yet many P&C insurers are struggling to run their core systems effectively and end up falling behind.

This flipbook explores the following:

  • How to deliver exactly what modern insurance buyers want when they want it
  • The big disadvantage legacy systems have on improving CX, delivering speed to market, and attracting and retaining innovative thinkers
  • Embedded insurance, predicted to reach $700bn in premium by 2030, could be the secret sauce insurers have been waiting for
  • How BHSI adopted SaaS to leverage continuous upgrades and configurations growing its business to over $5bn DWP since 2016
  • How West Bend Mutual Insurance leverages from pre-built industry content by tapping in to the insurtech ecosystem
  • Learn how Cerity, with just 4 employees and no IT infrastructure, launched to market in less than 1 year 

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