Humanizing the consumer experience

Now in its second year, the Global Consumer Insurance Insights survey gathered in-depth feedback from over 2,000 insurance consumers across 13 countries, delving deep into their purchasing habits, knowledge of insurance innovation, and openness to new products and communication methods from insurers. 

The results have unearthed fascinating shifts in consumer preferences since the first study, revealing clear trends and strategic opportunities for insurers empowering them to make more informed business decisions across different global audiences that drive growth and lend them a competitive edge. 

Some key findings include:

  • 44% of consumers would prefer to interact with a human, compared to 35% from the previous year.
  • 52% feel that buying insurance through an app is the most secure method versus directly from the provider’s websites, price comparison websites and telephone purchasing.
  • 86% of consumers believe there is a good range of choice when it comes to purchasing different types of insurance, however there are distinct regional differences.

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