Supercharging P&C Insurance Sales with the Digital Customer Experience

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The Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance industry is being dramatically transformed by digital technologies, giving insurance carriers the opportunity to improve the customer experience and stay competitive.

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The digital customer experience is emerging as a top business differentiator in an increasingly competitive insurance landscape.

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Reinvent the Customer and Agent Experience

Key Takeaways:

  • Policy shoppers, customers, and agents are accepting digital self-service as the new normal and meeting them during the digital experience is critical.  

  • Getting prospects to your website is important, but avoiding common abandonment factors is crucial.  

  • Carriers should rethink their engagement strategies as “Digital-First,” with telephony as a backup channel. This transition can be made gradually and is not a “rip and replace” strategy.  

  • Leading Digital Customer Service (DCS) solutions offer proactive and reactive engagements with customers, reducing abandonment and increasing annual premiums.  

  • DCS solutions provide tools to accelerate the sale process with greater opportunity to cross sell and up-sell policies.  

  • Apply your Digital-First strategy to your agents as well — support them during quoting and a range of complex business processes, building agent satisfaction and loyalty. 

  • Apply DCS to your agent-underwriter experience for faster resolution of risk issues and improved relationships.

  • Select a DCS solution that has broad digital capability and easy integration to your current (or future) telephony solution.