GEICO + Duck Creek

The Background

GEICO is the country's second-largest private passenger auto insurance, and one of the leading US P&C companies overall. Getting to market quickly and efficiently with new products, product changes, features and capabilities is essential to keeping GEICO's customers satisfied, and was the driving factor behind its decision to transition all personal lines of business to a modern, configurable platform including Duck Creek Policy and Duck Creek Billing.  


The Goals 

  • Ensured speed to market for both traditional and digital channels now and into the future
  • Exceptional end-to-end customer and policyholder experiences
  • Consolidation of products to a single platform


The Rollout 

  • GEICO’s Umbrella product is now in production with Duck Creek Policy 
  • Personal Auto and Motorcycle to transition to Duck Creek Policy and Duck Creek Billing in 2017  


Early Results 

  • Umbrella line fully deployed in all 50 states in just over 12 months—well under the more typical three or more years-long implementation
  • More policies sold in the first month of production on the new platform than prior 12 months on the old system 


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